"Use DURHAM'S ROCK HARD Water Putty® for lasting repairs."

DURHAM’S ROCK HARD Water Putty® is great for repairs because it sticks and stays put. Plus, it’s easy to use, dries ROCK HARD, and never shrinks. It fills voids completely and is ideal for wood repair and plaster patches.

General Repair Uses.
Use DURHAM’S Water Putty to patch cracks and holes in walls, repair furniture, tighten loose wood joints, fill holes in wood so dowels and/or screws can be reset, fill edges and imperfections in plywood, and repair all kinds of antiques. Return to top.

Fill Holes In Wood
DURHAM’S Water Putty is ideal for filling knotholes, nail holes, oversized screw holes, and other defects in wood. Leave the putty uncolored if it is to be painted, or colored if it is to be matched with the wood. Return to top.

Tighten Drawer Knobs.
Stop fighting loose pulls and knobs that pull out! Fill the oversized hole with DURHAM’S Water Putty. Insert the shaft of the pull into the putty so that it fits snugly. Allow the putty to dry. Return to top.

Fix Door Bumpers.
Tighten loose door bumpers and trim with DURHAM’S Water Putty. Simply fill the oversized hole with putty, insert the bumper and let set. It may hold better than when originally installed. Return to top.

Patch Cracked Plaster Walls.
Use a putty knife to spread DURHAM’S into cracks and cavities of plaster walls. DURHAM’S ROCK HARD Water Putty does not shrink so the cracks disappear. Plus, your DURHAM’S Putty repair will last and last. Return to top.

For repairs that last, use the original — DURHAM’S ROCK HARD Water Putty! Return to top.

Questions about our product? Although I’m on-line, the folks at DURHAM’S still like to use the phone. So include your name and phone number in an e-mail to: info@waterputty.com

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